Flight Standards (Darwin) Northern Territory

Cessna C172 Darwin formation

Darwin is the original “home” of Flight Standards & is our largest operating base – capable of providing training for every fixed wing licence & operational rating.

It is the ideal location for prospective Commercial pilots to train – since most likely the Top End is going to be where the first employment opportunity will be!  Courses conducted in this location have a strong vocational focus with the added bonus of being “connected” with many of the local General Aviation operators, creating a unique networking opportunity for our trainee pilots.

We serve a wide range of Private & Recreational pilots as well – as we are the only flight training provider at Darwin Airport.

Darwin Facilities, Staff & Aircraft

The Flight Standards facility in Darwin is located in the heart of the GA precinct & just a stone’s throw away from all of the local General Aviation operators.  The hangar & office buildings feature several briefing offices & classrooms, with our own dedicated parking area on the apron – which is available for visiting client aircraft as well as our own fleet.

In Darwin, we operate recently refurbished Cessna 172P model aircraft for basic training with C172RG & C210 aircraft available for advanced & Commercial training.  Multi-engine training requirements are met using either C310 or Beechcraft Baron aircraft operated by our affiliated companies.  The base has a top-of-the-range Elite synthetic trainer capable of all approach procedure types.

Darwin Airport provides a fantastic flying environment, with the safety & services of a controlled airport located conveniently in the middle of the city.  Training is easy to manage & the interaction with Air Traffic Control is a valuable experience.  Rarely is our activity inconvenienced by airport peak times – after all, it is the Northern Territory!

The team in Darwin is led by Ben Mackney (CEO & ME IFR Instructor) & when not on the road in other bases, Cameron Marchant (Head of Operations).  Each Instructor is an accomplished pilot with extensive charter experience, who has elected to focus on the training & development of others as a career.

Courses available

Pilots often travel to Darwin to train with us for either Instrument Ratings or the widely-acclaimed GA Ready course – which from Darwin provides a unique insight into the region’s operating environment & is seen by many as a pre-requisite for entry into the local industry.

However, we often provide tailored training for clients in specialised areas – such as Low Level / Mustering qualifications, or additional training endorsements for Flight Instructors.

It is of benefit to pilots operating into Darwin to hold a Land & Hold Short Operations (LAHSO) qualification, as this will greatly assist Air Traffic Control in facilitating aircraft arrivals.  Flight Standards offers this qualification complimentary to pilots undertaking training for any licence or rating with us.

Other services

From Darwin, our team integrates frequently with other GA operators, providing them with the training & assessment services required for their flight crew.

The Flight Standards base retains a pilot supply shop – providing a ready supply of charts, manuals & other required items.

Aero3D, being our components manufacturing Company, operates from our Darwin location & provides fabrication of a selection of hard-to-find aircraft components for clients.

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