Instrument Rating & Private IFR

The Instrument Rating is a “must have” qualification for most pilots pursuing a career in aviation, or for those who value the ability to be less constrained by weather.

Flight Standards is able to offer comprehensive training for the Instrument Rating, covering all approach types and navigational aids used in General Aviation. This training is delivered by instructors who are in current practice flying IFR charter and RPT operations. This provides an assurance that the course is not only conformal to CASA syllabus requirements, but also delivered in a practical context that ensures a pilot is well equipped for the challenges of IFR flying – such as managing variable weather situations or ensuring commercial efficiency of operations.

Much of the course is conducted in the briefing room and the synthetic trainer (Elite AT-11 approved for all approach types) before progressing into the aircraft. The key to success with IFR operations is a thorough understanding of the procedures combined with a solid instrument flying skill set. Such a graduated approach using modern training aids ensures the best possible training standard whilst keeping cost down.

Flight Standards also specialises in tailored short courses for pilots with expired ratings or who are out of recent practice. This facilitates confidence and “brush up” leading into the Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC).

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