Cessna 206/210

The workhorse of the Top End! A Cessna 210 cuts the horizon on a smokey, dry season day.The “200 series” Cessna is the largest of the manufacturer’s single-engine product.  The C206 / 210 is a common sight in remote Australia as a workhorse aircraft, seeing service in general passenger and freight charter, as well as scenic and tourism work – for which the high wing design makes it a perfect platform.  Many remote communities and stations in the Outback rely on the C210 to deliver the mail week in, week out.

In the Northern Territory, prospective pilots often seek experience on this type of aircraft as many General Aviation operators consider it an advantage (or pre-requisite) for employment.  Flight Standards can offer relevant training on the type with valuable context in terms of unsealed and remote airfield operations, helpful to those flying in the region for the first time.

This aircraft is an option for the GA Ready Course.

Number of Seats – 6

Planning Speed / Fuel Consumption – 125 kts (C206) 155 kts (C210) / 63 lph

Fleet Aircraft: VH-XIN, VH-LHL, VH-SJW

Private hire of this aircraft is limited to approved clients only. A minimum of 5 hours on type is required.

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